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Mini Implants

Mini-Implants to Lock in Removable Dentures

Mini Implants by Warnick and Semder


Our doctors have been specially trained and have been placing miniature dental implants for years. Mini-implants have changed the lives of many of our denture wearers. If you or someone you know suffers with a lower denture that won’t stay in, a partial denture that wobbles, or you would like to be able to eat things with your denture that you are currently unable to, consider setting up a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors at our Winfield or St. Albans offices today and see how mini-implants can change that for you. With this safe, simple, and often same day procedure, we can have life improving effects.

Question: Does it hurt to have them placed?
Answer: Most of our patients report that they have little to no discomfort afterward. We have never had a patient regret getting them. Mini implants are very small and therefore don’t cause a lot of trauma to the area.

Implants by Warnick and Semder

Question: Will I or my loved one notice much difference in chewing after getting mini implants?
Answer: This procedure is very rewarding for us to provide because our patients often light up when they realize they can once again comfortably eat things like salad, apples, and corn on the cob. Eating and chewing are some of life’s most basic necessities are happy to be able to restore this for people.

Question: Are mini implants expensive?
Answer: Because the procedure is much simpler and the components less complex then larger implants, mini implants are roughly 25% of the cost of larger implants. Most patients can keep and use their existing dentures and for about the cost of a new denture can have these added to dramatically improve things for them.

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