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Botox® & Lip Fillers

Fast and Effective Solutions to Wrinkles

Many people may not realize this, but dentists are actually in a unique position to administer treatments associated with all of your oral structures, not just your teeth and gums. In fact, dentists have been increasingly including Botox & Lip Filler treatments into their dental offices because they can even offer some therapeutic benefits for those with chronic pain. At Warnick and Semder, our goal is to provide both cosmetic and restorative solutions however possible, and the possibilities that Botox injections can provide are quite effective, so give us a call to learn more!

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Why Choose Warnick & Semder for Botox?

  • Experienced Dentists in Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Personalized to Your Exact Needs
  • Passionate Team Members Dedicated to Helping Patients

How Does Botox Help Me?

Botox is typically used to help remove wrinkles in specific areas of the face. This includes in between the eyebrows, the ends of your lips, and the ends of your eyes. All of these areas are prone to developing wrinkles over time. With Botox, we can not only prevent future wrinkles but reduce the appearance of wrinkles currently noticeable in your face. Once administered, you can expect the effects to last for several months before needing retreatment.

Lip Fillers

Mouth before and after lip fillers

If you’ve dreamed of having fuller, softer-looking lips that are a beautiful complement to your smile, our dentists would be happy to help. No surgery or downtime is required; the process only takes a single appointment, and the improvements can last for a number of months. By regaining lost volume and adding more symmetry to facial features, our patients are thrilled to have a new boost of confidence that will serve them well in their daily lives.

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