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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Dentistry can be a complicated subject for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Our dental office gets many questions from patients, both inside and outside of the dental office, which is why we want to highlight a few of the most common questions we receive. Below, you’ll find these questions as well as their answers for your convenience. If your question isn’t mentioned, we’d be happy to speak with you directly!

Do you place dental implants in-house?

Yes! Thanks to the expertise of our dentists and the technology we utilize, we can plan and perform every phase of your dental implant treatment. Patients can easily replace single, multiple, or all of the teeth in their arch via dental implants this way. There’s no need to travel between multiple dental offices just to have your treatment completed.

Can I see you for a dental emergency?

We make every effort to see patients the same day that their emergency occurs, whether it’s a knocked-out tooth caused by physical trauma or toothache that simply does not go away. When you arrive, we’ll perform a detailed examination, get you out of discomfort and recommend a treatment that best suits your needs. The only time you should visit the emergency room over the dentist for an oral emergency is if your jaw is broken or if your bleeding extensively. After you’re stabilized, give our dental office a call!

What preventive care do I need?

Most patients only need to have a professional cleaning and exam performed when they visit our dental office. This, combined with routine brushing twice a day at home with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing once a day, is enough to keep cavity-causing bacteria and gum disease at bay. Of course, patients who have advanced gum disease will need to come in more frequently, as reinfection of tissue can easily occur if not properly managed.

Can you restore my damaged teeth?

Our dental office has many methods to restore teeth damaged either by injury or cavities. Tooth-colored fillings prevent future fracture of teeth while still helping you maintain their natural appearance. More significant damage can be covered with natural-looking crowns, which not only prevent future damage but restore their function to the fullest. Our ceramic materials are metal-free and biocompatible, ensuring proper integration for many years.

Can you treat my chronic jaw pain?

If you wake up with jaw pain frequently, it may be because you have an unconscious teeth grinding habit. In this case, a nightguard may be enough to prevent future discomfort and damage to tooth enamel. However, if temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) has developed, we may recommend TMJ therapies to remove your chronic pain. This includes equilibrium/occlusal adjustments, oral splints, or Botox!

Do you see kids?

Not only does our dental office cater to the dental care needs of children, but we go above and beyond to make accommodations for them. We work hard to create a positive and welcoming environment for children of all ages, offer sedation for those with anxiety or fear, and meet necessary accommodations for children with special needs. By the time your child leaves, they should have a far more positive outlook on dental care and the importance of at-home hygiene.

Do I need to use metal braces to straighten teeth?

Not necessarily. For more severe cases, traditional metal braces may be the best option for your case. However, many patients only need to resolve mild to moderate levels of misalignment, which Invisalign clear aligners are more than capable of achieving. If you’re not sure if Invisalign is right for you, give our dental office a call to set up a consultation!